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2nd 1934 Lanchester LA 10

The Lanchester Ten and Lanchester Eleven were sold by The Lanchester Motor Company Limited from the Ten's announcement in September 1932 until 1951. Quite different from previous Lanchesters, the Ten was the second (it followed the Lanchester 15/18) of Lanchester's new owner's new Daimler-linked Lanchester range. The names Ten and Eleven referred to the engine's rating for...

1935 Daimler Sportsman

1935 Daimler Sportsman

1935 Daimler Sportsman Chassis Number: 39568 First Registered 15 March 1935 I bought the car from Inverness, Scotland.  It was advertised within the DLOC magazine in June 2012 as a restoration project.  The car was incomplete with many parts either lost or sold, including dashboard, instruments, door cappings, window channels and carburettor - all of which had to be...

1924 Buick Roadster (Model 24/44) RHD

I bought the car whilst on holiday in Perth, Western Australia in 1994 and have done only minor restoration and general maintenance in the last few years. The car came complete with records detailing the total cost of restoration at £19,382 and six and half years labour at no charge! The Buick Motor Company was founded by...

1934 Lanchester LA 10

1934 Lanchester LA 10

This car was discovered in Hereford in the early eighties and has undergone full restoration.   The car was originally owned by Mr Williams Griffiths of Barrs Court, 29 The Avenue, Hatchend, Middlesex and was first registered on the 14th December 1934.  The original log book show that the vehicle had only one owner prior to restoration...

Daimler Double 6

1974 Daimler Double 6

Daimler Sovereign was a name applied by British manufacturer Jaguar Cars to a sequence of luxury cars built by it but carrying the Daimler badge between 1966 and 1983. The Daimler Sovereigns were based on contemporary Jaguar bodyshells, chassis and engines in an example of badge engineering. Jaguar Cars took over The Daimler Company in 1960 and the 1966...

1936 Daimler Coupe

1936 Martin Walters Wingham Bodied Daimler 15. Registration: YS 6252 Date of first registration: 5th February 1936 Chassis Number: 41357 Engine Number: 77283 The car was originally owned by James Ferguson Whitton,  Calder Glen, Lochwinnoch who owned a Tweed Mill and  apparently supplied materials to Daimler. I bought the car following an advertisement in the Driving Member from Mr David Peters of Aberdeen, Scotland in December 2009....

1934 Daimler Light 15

1934 Daimler Light 15

1934 Daimler 15 Mulliner Chassis Number: 37824 First Registered:  June 1934 History: The car was purchased from Bolton in 1986 having stood in a seemingly derelict condition for over 20 years. The photos below depict the condition of the car at that time and a complete restoration was required in order to bring the car to its present condition. Work commenced shortly after purchase, with complete chassis and engine...

1929 Vauxhall Grosvenor 20/60

1929 Vauxhall Grosvenor

The Vauxhall 20-60 is a four or five-seater saloon, limousine, tourer or coupé-cabriolet manufactured by Vauxhall of Luton. It was announced on 28 September 1927 with a six-cylinder engine and a four-speed gearbox. The initial 2.7-litre engine was enlarged to 3-litres after twelve months. Engine The iron engine block is cast in one unit with the crankcase. It has...